Trish_MMSPatricia E. Dick (Trish), Relational Architect, Recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Using her Voice, Skill and Natural Acumen to Educate and Pioneer as an Evolutionary and Futuristic Thought Leader.

Patricia (Trish) is an Employee (People) Engagement Strategist who uses Motivation Map Solutions to audit/assess on an individual and team platform.   Based on the assessment,  along with the individual and team, develops a  unique strategic blueprint engaging committment from the individual and team to create a positive and high performance culture that fuels the individual and the team.   Patricia also believes that full implementation through coaching is an absolute requirement to obtain a sustainable,  high energy and solution minded culture.  Patricia has an extreme passion to awaken, educate, inspire and assist folks in Corporate in becoming healthy from the Individual, Team and full Organization.  She passionately believes that the true health revolution begins when the “Individual” shift begins.  Measure, Strategize, Engage, Empower and teach/coach your people to self-motivate with a buddy/buddy system!! EMPOWERED, ENGAGED employees empower their leaders!!   Patricia is using Motivation Mapping (used in 10 countries in Europe) to help each person on a team to identify and fuel their unique motivational code to fully “bring it” in every area of their lives. Unique, cutting edge tool, NEW to Canada and US!! If you desire to move from “Mediocrity” to “Front Running Excellence” Patricia can show you how to Harness the “Invisible Force” that pulls your company forward!! When we truly understand how we are “hardwired” and move, live and breathe in the joy of our design everything begins to shift externally.   How is the HEALTH of your Business? More importantly – How is the HEALTH of your TEAM and more importantly yet – How is the health of the individuals on your team? Does your business’s productivity reflect the (happiness) health of your Teams? I believe it’s time to CREATE a Game Changing Culture: Develop High Performance People – they are the ones that affect the Future Growth and Success of You Company – don’t they? I believe that it’s time to put the “I” back in Team – Individual Accountability!! 

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Trish Dick is a consummate professional who focuses on coaching individuals to help them see their own brilliance.   While being trained on Motivational Maps I found Trish to be keenly astute at delving into the essence of an individual’s consciousness to help them see their true potential and inner strengths.   Trish has a knack for aligning business practices and people strategies to help companies with employee engagement.  As a highly evolved and skilled thought leader she demonstrates the impact of creating a common language to help people communicate with each other.  Her insight to instinctively identify the inherent solution to solve situational differences is a testament to her in-depth knowledge, high intellect and wisdom.  With integrity and acumen her purposeful style exudes a masterful individual who speaks truth and acknowledges the fundamental principles needed to create and align best business and personal practices.  I would highly recommend Trish to any company who wants to reinvent their business model and people strategies to stay relevant in a changing world.

Wendy M. Smith

Senior Consultant & Career Transition Coach