Motivation Maps Solutions (MMS) is responsible for bringing this innovative tool of Motivational Maps to North America.  We facilitate solutions for clients who need a way to enable the identification and measurement of Motivation, as well as create awareness and context of how motivation impacts everything from corporate productivity to career engagement to satisfaction with one’s personal life.

Clients retain us to consult on individual, team and corporate Motivational Mapping:  to foster employee engagement; productivity measurement; management of change; improved recruitment and retention; training of certified practitioners for in-house expertise. Contact us to see how we can help you move your team forward.

Team Bios:
Trish_MMS_HS copy

Patricia E. Dick (Trish), Governance, Stewardship & Development (the buck stops here):

Relational Architect, Recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Using her Voice to Educate and Pioneer as an Evolutionary Thought Leader.

Ms. Dick has 15 years of experience working in a corporate, high stress environment designing and executing hydraulic fractures in the oil industry. (…more)


Linda Post – Business Manager:

Linda is an extraordinary human being in EVERY sense of the word.   She is a rare and beautiful treasure that (…more)

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