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Best Fit:   Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Money Coaches, Career Coaches, Financial Planners, Recruiters, etc.
Delivery:  8 Interactive Online Live Modules
Cost: $1997.00

This course is for those who want to be able to coach or relate from their client’s motivations, not their own; or anyone who wants to understand at a deeper level, the person they are working with, so there can be a better experience for both parties.

Be trained on how Motivational Maps allows you to identify and interpret the meaning and impact of:

  • The 9 dimensions of motivation in order of importance to your clients.
  • Their unique KEY motivators
  • The current level of satisfaction with each motivator
  • Conflicting motivators
  • Motivators which impact others

Learn how to aid clients in understanding how motivators impact on:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Procrastination or “being stuck”
  • Risk tolerance / Decision making
  • Communication styles
  • Relationships / Compatibility/Conflict management
  • Career satisfaction

Graduates of this course have a new understanding and way of communicating with their clients at the very deepest level, which in turn provides stellar results for them. (2-3 hours of homework per week)

Course Content Modules (2 hours each)

  • Module 1- Fundamentals of Motivation
  • Module 2- Introduction to Motivational Maps
  • Module 3- Motivational Maps Intro & Language
  • Module 4- Motivational Maps Mindsets & Language
  • Module 5- Map Report and Cluster Analysis – Step 1
  • Module 6- Sequencing Analysis & Definitions – Step 2
  • Module 7- PMA Analysis – Step 3
  • Module 8- Bringing it all Home & Class Practicum
  • *BONUS CLASS* – Cutting Edge Marketing with a New Tool

Other included benefits:

  • Small classes for personal inter-action – Maximum 6 per class
  • Supervised completion of 6 Motivation Maps – for Certification
  • Motivational Maps included in tuition
  • On going support up to 2 hours a month for 1st year
  • Motivational Map Handbook for Individual Mapping

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CIMMP TrainingCCMMP TrainingLBMMP Training

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