CIMMP TrainingCCMMP TrainingLBMMP Training

Prequisite: CCMMP

Best Fit: Current Business Owner or Manager experienced in recruiting and/or have a vibrant network of candidates suitable to become Motivational Map Practitioners.
Delivery: To be discussed as training is usually 1-to1 or very small groups.
Cost: $3,498

This is the only licence granted which allows a Practitioner to train and certify CI-MMP and CC-MMPs.   LB-MMP’s will have full access to all collaterals developed and used by Motivation Map Solutions Inc.  As a Licensed Business Practitioner you will receive free access to conferences and events. You will also have the potential to be involved in wider business opportunities.

We are looking for experienced, self-motivated, entrepreneurial and business minded individuals who currently run their own business and have extensive distribution and sales networks.  Ideally you will have previous experience in people management and development and want to create and lead strong teams of consultants, coaches and/or trainers.

Motivational Maps will enable you to become a “world class expert” on motivation, be able to create residual income, and lead a team of like-minded practitioners (without employing them) to dominate a geographical area or particular sector of your target market.

Course Content Includes:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of MMS & LBMMP
  • Train the Trainer (including course materials)
  • Back office administration training
  • Qualifying Candidates
  • Framework for a successful business
  • Supervision of 1 CI-MMSP / CC-MMSP Course
  • 12 hours support for 1 year
  • Personal mentoring for 1 year

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CIMMP TrainingCCMMP TrainingLBMMP Training

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