Team Utopia: Imagine a company where Leadership and Employees are 80% or more motivated!! NO ONE wants to miss a day of work because they don’t want to miss out on the electric and uplifting atmosphere!!   What would happen to productivity in an environment where YOUR employees are “charged” with creativity, joy and encouragement.”? What would happen to YOUR Profitability?

Most folks feel this is just a pipe dream or mythical in some way.  I’m here to tell you it’s very Real!   I worked for such a company for 6 years, I haven’t since, but I KNOW it is entirely POSSIBLE! How can we BUILD this and MAINTAIN it? Good question!!  When I first heard of and experienced Motivational Mapping, it quickly brought me back to some significant life events.  My previous hope and passion for a more cohesive, highly motivated, happy, empowered and engaged employees was fiercely re-ignited!!  WE HAVE A DREAM; and a DREAM TEAM that has a “piece of the pie” (Motivational Maps) that will help move you into TEAM UTOPIA!!”

– Patricia Dick, Corporate Health Coach & Partner/CRA Motivation Map Solutions Inc.

Here’s how:

Game-Changing CultureHarness the “Invisible Force” That Pulls Your Company Forward

Create a Game Changing Culture

MMS_bulletSMEnable Employees to Fuel Growth & Success
MMS_bulletSMFoster Engagement
MMS_bulletSMHarness your Untapped Motivation Resources
MMS_bulletSMIncrease Measurable Productivity
MMS_bulletSMAugment Performance Reviews

Develop High Performance Employees: They Fuel your Companies Future Growth & Success

Develop A Cohesive Team

MMS_bulletSMCreate Team Motivation Awareness
MMS_bulletSMEnable Proactive Conflict Management
MMS_bulletSMAlign Motivation with Team Objectives
MMS_bulletSMMeasure Performance Improvement
MMS_bulletSMOptimize Employee Development
MMS_bulletSMMeasure Team Productivity

Motivation Mapping – Cutting EdgeCapture Peak Performance by Unlocking Your Motivation Code

Develop Individual Accountability

MMS_bulletSMIdentify & Empower Personal Motivation
MMS_bulletSMIdentify Areas of Development
MMS_bulletSMTraining, Mentoring, Coaching


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