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Build your business through Motivation

Motivational Maps is based on compelling and original research into motivation and performance – gives consultants, coaches, and managers who coach, a huge competitive advantage. Provide insight into what corporations, teams, as well as what you and I really care about – getting things done with ease and pleasure – add the Motivational Map to your business model!

Training only available to those who:

MMS_bulletSMWant to differentiate themselves from the crowd
MMS_bulletSMWant to up-level their results for clients and themselves
MMS_bulletSMWant continued business growth, especially through referrals
MMS_bulletSMAre passionate about doing the right thing, for the right reason

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Coach Practitioners
Prerequisite: Program acceptance:
For… life coaches; consultants; trainers; anyone who works with clients to reach goals

Get trained on how Motivational Maps allows you to identify and interpret the meaning and impact of:

MMS_bulletSMThe 9 dimensions of motivation in order of
        importance to your clients.
MMS_bulletSMTheir KEY motivators
MMS_bulletSMThe current level of satisfaction with
MMS_bulletSMeach motivator
MMS_bulletSMConflicting motivators
MMS_bulletSMMotivators which impacts others

Learn how to aid clients in understanding how motivators impact them and their:

MMS_bulletSMSetting and achieving goals
MMS_bulletSMRisk tolerance / Decision making
MMS_bulletSMCommunication styles
MMS_bulletSMRelationships / Compatibility
MMS_bulletSMConflict management
MMS_bulletSMCareer satisfaction
MMS_bulletSMMore graduates of this course have a new way of understanding and communicating with their clients at the very deepest level, which in turn provides stellar results for them.

Organizational Practitioners
Prerequisite: Coach Practitioner:
For… Business Coaches; HR Personnel; Managers who coach; Change Management Consultants; Business Strategists

Builds on the Coach Practitioner Training to add learning specific to Team building and Organizational needs. Addresses how Motivational Maps may be used at the Individual level for employee:

MMS_bulletSMMapping career options
MMS_bulletSMMaking appropriate career choices

At the Team level, you learn how to use Maps to help teams:

MMS_bulletSMAssess current teams
MMS_bulletSMIncrease and stay motivated
MMS_bulletSMHandle or avoid conflict
MMS_bulletSMCommunicate more effectively
MMS_bulletSMAlign mission and culture with performance

You learn how to help Organizations facilitate:
MMS_bulletSMStaff engagement
MMS_bulletSMTalent Management
MMS_bulletSMSuccession Planning
MMS_bulletSMManagement Development using appraisals, appropriate rewards, leadership and coaching.
MMS_bulletSMHow to measure productivity within the organization or any team.

This course produces a knowledgeable professional whose contribution to organizations will be easily recognized and valued.

Business Practitioner

Make Motivational Maps the foundation of your business by building your own team of Practitioners

We are looking for experienced, self-motivated, entrepreneurial and business minded individuals who currently run their own business and have extensive distribution and sales networks. Ideally you will have previous experience in people management and development and want to create and lead strong teams of consultants, coaches and/or trainers.

Motivational Maps will enable you to become a world class expert on motivation, be able to create residual income, and lead a team of like-minded practitioners (without employing them) to dominate a geographical area or particular sector of your target market.

As a Business Practitioner you will receive free access to conferences and events. You will also have the potential to be involved in wider business opportunities.