I recently had the “unction” to go to the movies and the movie that intrigued me the most is “The Intern”. What a timely timely message! I’ve become very aware over the last couple of years that if I’m drawn to something there is a significant “message in a bottle” for me to open.

Recently, as I listen to folks in Corporate, I hear some things that cause me to lift one brow and respond to “how can that be happening?” Then that “human research analytical” part of me inherently wants to know why. What I have been hearing is that most of the boomers are being replaced by the Y’s and Z’s – and yes I mean in leadership roles. For Pete’s sake – really? I understand that there are some cranky “boomers” that are ready to move into retirement, however, there are many boomers and X’s that are just beginning to unfold into their magnanimous experiential wisdom and are invaluable as role models and strategic “chess players” in Corporate! As well, we have some incredible young folks beginning to blossom; however, their experience is limited and not yet under-girded with the fact that sometimes “theories” are just that – theories.

When you implement theories that engage the “human element” all kinds of things can go side-ways! Course correct is a continual “MUST” as you move and you must have a keen sense and keen eye to ensure the players are kept safe in the process. So much of that is EXPERIENCE.

As I was completely engaged in the characters of this movie I saw a brilliant young woman (who initially saw this older gentleman as a nuisance) shift and change and surrender her friendship and need for support to one, who knew the true value of support through portraying is authentic supportive style. Never did he waiver to try and fit it – he just did it because he was comfortable and true to his values and value! The younger folks were not only drawn to him because of this but they began to see value in themselves. Because of his loving kindness to all the ages, the eyes of the leaders of the company began to open and began to rest in the “wisdom” he quietly brought to the game. As to not engage as the “spoiler alert” person I won’t give you all the hind-sights, insights and foresights but I highly recommend this movie as a little “push” in the direction of ALL, I mean ALL generations to begin to build something magnificent because of what we all carry – that’s what greatest if born of!! Here’s to Rising Strong!!!

Patricia (Trish) Dick