During these last two years of developing not only the Motivational Auditing, as Auditing is only as valuable as the understanding and birth to innovative solutions that address the roots and the runners of the audit, I have clearly observed that the foundation to everything is TRUST. Behaviours are only the manifestation of the lack of identity which ultimately leads back to insights and trust in oneself, and then, of course others. Let me ask you – what is an adjective that you might use to describe TRUST for yourself? Mine, quite clearly for me now, is Constancy. Here’s the definition: the quality of being faithful and dependable – loyal, committed, dedicated and devoted. Consistency, persistence, durable and endurance.

In order to begin Collaboration, TRUST, and all its pain points, needs to be considered. It actually can be FELT on a team. The energy of Mis-trust or Trust can inherently be felt as an energy and will either open or close portals; embers can either be doused or flare into bon fires. Can anyone resonate with that?

Further to this, during the work and the evolution of the development I‘ve been doing around Intrinsic Motivation one of my most intriguing revelations is the insight that most folks are vaguely making up “definitions” of words and concepts that resonate with them. However, the kink in the armour is that we assume it means the same thing to everyone around us. This is truly the place where “conflict” begins to fan embers into flames and rear its not-so-pretty head.

With that in mind let’s define Trust and Collaboration so that we all have a point of origin to begin with

Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something: confidence, belief, faith, certainty, assurance, conviction, credence, reliance.

Collaboration: to participate or assist in a joint effort to accomplish an end; band together, cooperate, concert, concur, conjoin, conspire, join, league, team

To Common: in today’s society. Comments for Urban Dictionary.

Worker A: We have no common interests, we don’t like each other, and it irritates us to work together. But we were told by management to engage in collaboration. Worker B: What a waste of time.

Through some painful experiences I learned that true and valued “Collaboration” begins with collaborative Core values and whether they are “relative” or “absolute”; Core vision with includes the purpose of the end-game: Core Motivation which includes intrinsic and individual needs being met and determines at what altitude you fly and how fast your unit will travel based on these factions. Collaboration is bringing “each” persons area of brilliance to the “unit” to complete a “whole”! I love this statement which, to me, depicts a wonderful picture of “Authenticity”. “When you truly discover who you are created to be, you will NEVER want to be anyone else again”. This is foundational for true Collaboration as it dispels the underlying “skeptism” of “can I trust you”. Authenticity in Trust is vital. We can feel it; however, we’ve learned to reason it away.

For the last 20 years or so we have let “leveraging our time” and expediency of productivity dictate our mandate for Collaboration, and, so we through folks together and tell them to Collaborate without building a solid foundation of TRUST which includes the “Core’s” to ensure we can truly all, with the utmost of “understood intentions” move towards a common goal and purpose for which the Collaboration was formed. When we miss this KEY and FOUNDATIONAL component there can be a lot of time spent on putting out fires vs building steady, strong and true – the people and the project.

It has been my great insight for 2015, through all of my work in Motivational Auditing that “disengagement” begins here. Most motivation/energy/zeal is lost right at the foundational level!! True Collaboration must be first built on the Anatomy of Trust and how we all understand it and how we have been affected by the adversity of it. In 2016 let us RE-build, RE-furbish, and RE-store people on every level by going back to the Core!!