Adversity meet Persistence; Persistence meet DESTINY.

What a tremendous place to live, here in the beautiful City of Calgary! What other city can you see the across the golden prairies and watch a magnificent sunrise and then, in the evening, to the West to witness a glorious sunset that perches itself between the peaks of the majestic Rocky Mountains. This unique magnificence not only resides in natures beauty but also in the hearts of all Calgarians as we forge through rivers, streams, up mountains, through the wind of the prairies and always the heart beats the same – Adversity meet Persistence; Persistence meet Destiny!

In this great Energy Centre that we create and facilitate we have seen some “times” this last year – there is no doubt about the effect of it on every front. Through the insurmountable pain that has affected a good portion of the “human treasury” of this great city and province I maintain that we are the front runners and game changers in this great nation we call Canada, True North Strong and Free! As human beings we can get so caught up in the “human doing” all for the sake of productivity and monetary gain we find ourselves on a runaway train that subtly neglects the human heart and the value of being acknowledged as unique and mysteriously complex people that make up this lovely City. Without the human heart beating with every pulse of the energy waves that Calgary and Alberta is known for we become just a bunch of empty roadways and building that lay dormant and have no life. It is the very essence of the Inter-connectivity of all of us that pulsates and gives this City ENERGY. Not the production of Energy! In the Words of a man that I so admire, Richard Branson


What a great gift, and yes, sometimes gifts cannot initially be seen behind the cloud of pain and suffering, however, we seem to have been given the first opportunity to plow out the old seeds that have been tainted with greed and now, the gift of rebuilding strategically, with the deliberation of seeing the human heart and putting humanity first. We are the Human Treasury not Human Capital which is inanimate and expendable. We need to do more that speak that we care about our employees, although this is where everything begins. “Words may START THE FIRE but it is a constancy of ACTION, not perfection that builds the internal roar of the furnace and transfers the ever growing Warmth that spreads throughout the land, bringing Inspiration in every direction”. CALGARY, this IS your destiny! Time to RISE AGAIN, RISE STRONG, BE RESILIENT, this time we will build our people, our people will build people and the synergy of the Inter-Connected Warmth of the Human Heart will truly beat at the Centre of the Oilfield Pulse of this great City and Province.

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