Part One: Last Year I spent a good deal of time with various aspects of Corporate.  Almost 5 years ago I left the “Inner” Corporate and realize I only had a very small glimpse from my little Engineering world of the Corporate Environment.  I had a manager who was second to none.  A brilliant Engineer and a Brilliant People person!  Rare Combination and very much appreciated.   The Corporate Ship is a huge ship to steer and there are so many aspects to running a ship that meets ALL the requirements.   The most common of phrases I have heard and am still hearing is “how does it affect the bottom line”.  What about the ROI?  HOWEVER, I am also hearing a new sound that’s permeating the airwaves.   I am thrilled and beyond ecstatic!  Statements like “we think we should NOT focus on the money” “we are really searching for our BIG WHY.”   “We are trying to implement trust initiatives with our folks….”Yes, some are just exploring the “language” of this movement but others are on the move and not sure where to go!!    Let’s explore some language around what that might look like!!  We need to move from EXTERNAL to INTERNAL.  Intrinsic is the place we have never dared to step in Corporate.   Words like “Heart” felt, intuition and such have been kept at bay.   I remember being told to “tuck those emotions back in there girl” we DON’T do emotions in business.  Is it then a wonder that we have an exponential increase in “disengagement”?   It is what fuels our passion, our core values, our drive and thrive for life, no?  I suggest and am fully persuaded that the NEW movement of Corporations is to become the “Hope Brigade”.  In all the Motivational Mapping that I had the privilege to be involved in last year showed me something very clear.    We all come to work with similarities in skills and talents; however, the lens we see through, because of our nature/nurture gives each of us a unique perspective and a unique take on the people and the environment we work in.  It is in my unique perspective as a People Engagement Strategist that dissention, conflict and tension then begins when our unique perspective is not brought to the forefront – we assume everyone has the same insight – our insight.  For example:  When you hear the word “Expert” how would YOU personally describe that word and what does it mean to you?  I have heard a “bucket” of different meanings  – some through a “painful” lens and some through “unachievable” lens and some through the lens of “EGO”.   Not once through a healthy “intrinsic” lens. Those that are truly “trending” towards the NEW Corporate – we will be the Hope Brigade that truly cares about the “inner workings” of the Individual  – we DO care about the Work-Life Integration!  We DO offer Coaching to folks to help them work through Life (which we bring to work) issues.  We ARE Pro-Active and Preventative.  Our BIG WHY is YOU and helping YOU develop the character that is a magnificent contributor to your family, your work and the world.  Patricia (Trish) Dick, People Engagement Strategist, “ Hope Brigade” Partner