For quite some time now I have felt the wind on my face with a touch of sea water splashing all around me….in the distance I see a wave and the first question that now pops into my mind is “Is my surfboard ready” to ride this next tsunami wave that’s coming.   Have you noticed an atmospheric shift?  We have ridden the wave of “intellect” and the “gut” or “intuition” was placed on a back burner…..there was a frenzy of activity and the “boomers” pushed their kids to get a degree of any sort so that they would never have “lack” in their lives.  One generations fears propels the molding of the next – do you agree?  (look for my next article – Cross-generational – “Platform, Persuasions, and Pleasures”).

What happens when we put all of our energy in one area and abandon the rest of us?  Are we not made up of Spirit, Soul and Body?  When we, as a society, decided to tuck away our emotions because they just didn’t belong in business, we lost our drive and our passion and began to dis-connect with people by pulling “canned” answers out of our intellect, failing to see the true person in front of us.   In my journey of really studying “motivation” I have found that 70% of people are dis-engaged from life; in a slump feeling unheard, unseen, un-acknowledged, invisible and I could go on.  What happens when this becomes pandemic?  We have a people group drawn to zombies – why? It is a cry that they are alive but feel lifeless, shut down.

The wave that is knocking on our back door is the wave of once again seeing people with our heart and not our head.  Really hearing with our heart, our gut, and spirit.   Individuality – we are as unique as our DNA.  Only looking at the “bottom line” and not looking at our people has got us into a “zombie” society.

Not long ago I was travelling on a major highway through my city headed in the direction a meeting in the SW part of the City.   As I got closer to my turn off I noticed a huge line up backed up from the turn off way down the highway.  I quickly course corrected to the next turn off as I knew I could just come around another way.  However, most of the people could not see that there was another way around.  They robotically sat on the highway waiting for clearance that was a long way off.    There is always another way!!   

I have been preparing my surfboard for quite some time.  Do you wish to build people that build your business?  Do you wish to be seen and acknowledged?   Are you intuitively driven and wish to open up that area of your life?  Then join me in preparing your surfboard for the wave that is knocking on our back door!!

Patricia (Trish) Dick, CCMMP, Corporate Health and Motivation Coach